Witnessing benignly.

This is quite an introspective space. It’s a space for musing and sharing with whoever occasionally looks, possibly prompted by me. Its not ‘The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy’ or ‘David Copperfield’ but its may turnout like that hopefully at least a useful space to explore ideas about a life led.

The concepts of a path and a process are key to this looking a life unfolding. Questions like ‘what are the driving forces that lead towards happiness, and what are the forces that lead away from it?’ Very Buddhist really.

So before looking back lets have a look at how I see myself now.

My life is defined by impermanent constraints. That’s a primary view, and I have more to say about that here, constraints.org.uk. Now I don’t currently know what the main constraints are , or even how to define them, but I hope by turning my attention towards that, to delve into it. There may be clues in how I spend my thinking time and in my activities.






this in a dedicated My main interest in life is practising and communicating Buddhism, meditation and encouraging sangha. I also find myself reading Buddhist, Science and SciFi text. And on a practical level I Cook , Garden, landscape and build and I and travel and socialise when possible. I have a slight obsession with following up ideas on the nature of matter and mind from the perspectives of Buddhism and Physics.

Some background. I was born and grew up in Glasgow and I started meditating some 47 years ago influenced by Lob Sang Rampa and the Indian Mystic Yogananda. I started becoming very interested in Buddhism in my late 20’s in 1984 and became a practising Buddhist in 1986 in my early 30’s. I am now a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and I’m connected to the Ipswich and Colchester Sanghas with a past in the London Buddhist Centre and North London Buddhist Centres. You can look these up. After some forty years in research and development and lecturing in the physical sciences I have now retired and now life a fairly quiet life with my partner, developing my practice of Buddhism and following my interests.