Week2 Some homework


During the week, do something different.

Even a small change, could be something tiny.

Any change gives us the power to change more. Often our life consists of sets of interlocking cycles and habits, and it feels like we have very little choice. When we make even a small change , breaks into this, opens up some space, gives us the freedom to begin changing more and more.

So choose something. Might be the pattern you talked about in your group. Might be another pattern. Might be something else even something apparently insignificant, like the way you walk to work. But choose something definite, and decide in a definite way how you are going to change it. .

A few hints and pointers.

Firstly, be realistic. Don’t choose something too difficult just yet – wait til you’ve built up more or of a head of steam!

Secondly, if you forget all about it and find yourself doing the usual thing, dont get discouraged and give up. Just put it down to experience, and start again.

Thirdly, it can be useful to do the opposite of what you normally do. So if you usually feels annoyed and stressed and drive too fast on the way to work, slow right down, go to the opposite extreme, let people in in front of you, drive at thirty, keep to the inside lane.

For example. Kusaladana used to be quite heavy. He replaced peanut butter sandwiches with apples. He is no longer heavy.

So decide what you will change, and how. Decide now….

And we’ll talk about how you got on next week.