Vadanya’s greyling fish story

Greyling, it’s a freshwater fish.

Amoghavarsha and Vadanya are by the River Rivelin, and see people apparently electrocuting the fish!! A story of different world views. Amoghavamsa and Vadanya by River Rivelin, see some people apparently electrocuting the fish!! with a man apparently directing from the bank. V and A ask: What are you doing?

They are from the environment agency, studying the health of the river. They are catching trout, and weighing them on measuring scales. From this can tell the growth rate and this is related to the health of the river. They release the fish when they’ve finished. They say the river is cleaner than at any time since the industrial revolution and they are studying it to see how fast it’s recovering.

Biologist says: “What we would really like to do is find a grayling. Grayling are very sensitive to pollution, and haven’t been any in the Rivelin for 150 years. If we find a greyling it will tell us this river is as healthy as it was before the industrial revolution.

At that moment, one of the men in the river shouts: GOT ONE!

They’ve found a greyling! General rejoicing!!

The river is healthier than anyone thought, as healthy as it was before the industrial revolution!

Then four people come on the scene, looking very unhealthy and overtired (dark rings under eyes etc) and in obvious negative mental states. One comes over and asks the same question – what are you doing? – and is given the same answer – we’re catching fish to measure the health of the ecosystem.

Newcomer says: You won’t catch any fish in there! Look at it, it’s filthy!

Biologist says “its not, that’s just the brown colour from the moors, its healthier than it has been for ages”

The newcomer says, “No, it didn’t used to be that colour when I was a child, it’s filthy, look, you can see turds floating in it, it’s an open sewer!

He refuses to believe the biologist, convinced the river is full of sewage, which he can see.

So four people are standing by the same river. Four are standing by a beautiful, healthy trout stream. One is standing by an ugly open sewer. And the difference is their mental states, not the river itself.

Illustrates that our mental states really do determine the way we see the world, in a very real way. We live in our mental states, almost more than we live in the actual world around us.

So summarizing: Our actions really do create the person we will be in the future, and the sort of person we are determines the sort of world we live in. This is the real meaning of the law of karma. Has nothing to do with fate, or punishment for wrongdoing. It’s just the way things are.