Three big ideas

 We are Change  

We are not fixed by heredity. 

We are not fixed by culture. 

Believing we are fixed leads away from happiness  

We have great potential to develop awareness and compassion. 

Happiness comes from inside  

Happiness does not from what we have around us or what we possess or what we consume.  

We know this but look to the world for everything. – Go on a cruise, an expensive resort – you will still see plenty of discontentment.  

Happiness comes from being with inner meaning, from positive emotion a sense of working with reality 

We are interrelated   

Happiness does not come from chasing after our craving and passion while ignoring all other considerations. 

Happiness comes from developing our awareness and receptivity so we can see and consider the consequences.  

We can then see and steer our actions for the happiness of ourselves and others . 

We gradually become more genuinely aware, altruistic, and happy.