The Gap

‘The Gap’ – (or the ‘Point of (towards)  Freedom’)  

The Buddhist ‘Wheel of Life’ describes the ultimate vicious circle – the way our past conditioning determines our present responses, which then create more conditioning for the future, deepening our past ruts and patterns. Unless we can break this cycle we have no freedom – life is living us, instead of us living life. 

But the Wheel of Life also shows where we can break out of this cycle – the ‘gap’ or the ‘point of freedom’. The relevant part of the Wheel is like this: 

Contact  The world (or an event in our own mind) pushes one of our buttons;                                    

Feeling  We experience a pleasant or unpleasant feeling or ‘hedonic tone’ 

Usual response  We grasp at what gives us a pleasant sensation, or push away what causes discomfort 

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