Recap of week 1

Last week we saw that Buddhism is more of a path than a faith. It offer us -tried and tested methods – to try out for ourselves, to see if they work.

Also we looked at three very important Buddhist ideas.

  • Happiness comes from within, not from externals
  • People can change (in fact are changing all the time, endlessly); the idea that we are fixed by our early conditioning etc, or that we have a ‘nature’ we can’t change is simply wrong. Our family, culture, education, past experiences affect us, but don’t define us.
  • Everything is interrelated, everything interpenetrates, in ways that aren’t obvious to us at the moment. Our sense of separateness is an illusion. So selfishness is self-defeating, does not lead to happiness.

Left you last week with the idea that we CAN change, and that Buddhism gives us tools to help us change in a direction that will make us happier. This week we’re going to look at ‘the technology of change’, we’re going to look at how we can unlock unhelpful patterns, and change them.