Key Ideas in Basic the Buddhism and Methods Course


Week 1 The Task in Buddhism – From Human to Buddha Mind

Week 2 The Realm of Buddhism – The GAP between events and responses

Week 3 The changes from Buddhism – Steering towards happiness

Week 4 The methods in Buddhism – Principles for improving conditions – Why Ethics

Week 5 Meditation in Buddhism – Setting up and working with Conditions

Week 6 Buddhist Reality – From received views to right views


Week 7 The reality of the Buddha – Siddhārtha Gautama and other prodigies

Week 8 Imagining in Buddhism – With imagination; from Human to archetypal Buddha

Week 9 Dharma – Truth in Buddhism – Buddhist teaching for Vision and Transformation

Week 10 Inner meaning in Buddhism – Pointing beyond , for the heart-mind

Week 11 Connecting – Harmony in Buddhism – Ways and means in the Buddhist community

Week 12 Mind in Buddhisms – In the imaginal with the Buddhas – the Arya Sangha. .