Course Plan – Part 2

In this course we look at Buddhism from two , possibly three perspectives.

The first in how Buddhist teaching and practice plays out in the world. It considers the life experienced by the Buddha, his teaching and the need for spiritual friends and comunity.

The second arises from the application of the imagination through a trained ethical attitide and meditation to the realisation of the archytypal Buddha the enlightened mind gone beyond the consttraints of the human condition. Mahayana Consideration of the Dharma and Sangha in this way gives rise to the sutras pointing beyond words as exemplified in the Heart Sutra , which we visit in week 10. And in s similar fashion consideration of the Archytypal Buddha through ethical attitude and meditation gives rise to the aryasangha and the realm of the Buddha Mandela and the Bodisattvas.

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Week 7 

Siddhartha’s life : His vision and his path to enlightenment and Buddha-hood

In light of The Buddhist path of ‘Ethics, Mediation and Wisdom.’ discussing the path and development of Siddhartha Gautama Shakya to Shakyamuni Buddha – and what has this to say about our personal development

  • Developing the idea of ‘Being the moment’ with a vision based taste for ‘direction and purpose’.
  • The Triratna system of practice for achieving transformation of heart and mind
  • Aspects of the Buddha’s life discussed:

See A Guide to the Buddhist Path (Paperback) by Sangharakshita

See also Introducing Buddhism (Paperback) by Vadanya (Chris Pauling)

Meditation Mindfullness of Breathing

Week 8

The Buddha’s Legacy and the Buddha as Archtype

From the life of Siddhartha to  the inner meaning of Shakymuni -.

 After Siddhartha became Shakyamuni things were set in motion by his life and 40 years of teaching.

Vision and Transformation and the Buddha as example and archetype

Meditation: Metta Bhavana

Week 9

The Dharma:

Teachings from the life of the  Buddha.  – From the Four Sights to the Four Noble Truths and the EightFold Path:

The ideas of Vision and Transformation 

Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing

Week 10 

The Inner Meaning of The Dharma:

Spiritual Receptivity and the Mahayana Sutras 

Exploring Fearless Compassion as a direct route to Insight

The concept of Wisdom Beyond Words

The Heart Sutra –  a short Mahayana Sutra

Meditation: Metta Bhavana

Week 11

The Sangha in centres and community

The spiritual community as mutual support –

Then and Now (2500BC —– 2020CE)

The land-based sangha from the first disciples to the monastic order and laity.

Modern Buddhist Sanghas,

The Triratna Order and the Triratna community. 

Contributing to and supporting our spiritual family.

Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing 

Week 12

The Sangha, the archytypal Sangha: –

  • The land of the Imaginal
  • The Arya  Sangha.
  • The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
  • Buddhist ritual, an understanding.  

Meditation: Metta Bhavana

and possible a 7 Fold Puja. 

Week 7 —— Week 8 —— Week 9

Week 10 —- Week 11 —- Week 12