Course Introduction – Part 1

An introduction to the course

  • Here we will explore and experience some of the basic methods of Buddhism and how these methods work with the Buddhist view of ethics, meditation and insight-wisdom.
  • Each evening will be split between practice of meditation and exploration of Buddhism . Each evening will be in 3 parts: Meditation – tea – Buddhism.
  • This is a course to experience Buddhism rather than believe in it. Its know by doing.
  • This course is self-contained, covering the basic things you need to practice.
  • There is also opportunity of connecting with people on the course and the Buddhist center who may be more likely to share your outlook and aspirations.
  • Part2 of the course explores deeper teachings of Buddhism , where meaning goes well beyond words and requires the imagination to follow.

Completion of Part 1 and Part 2 of the course will put you in a position where you have a clear picture of Buddhist Practice . You will have practiced the methods you need to transform our mind from our often disconnected state to becoming more and more in resonance with how things really are. Further , you will be more able to see your next steps and your way forward and the Buddhist center is there to help you go forward in studying and practicing Buddhism.

Lets explore any expectations and goals we might be bringing to the course.

  • What do you want to get out of the course; why are you here
  • Write main goals on a piece of paper
  • Keep this to refer to at end (to see whether you have got what you wanted, or perhaps got something else you didn’t know you wanted!)

Short body awareness and reflection practice on our motivation

Break out groups Small group discussion 10 mins

  • Back to big group.
    • Share/compare goals and reasons for being here