Course Plan – Part 1

Basic Buddhism and methods Part 1

In part 1 of the course we will explore the Buddhas life and introduce core principles and ideas of Buddhist ethics, meditation and wisdom and we will see how these can have a practical bearing leading us towards happiness.

For instance, in ethics, we will investigate in some detail how developing a more considered and creative responses to situations leads to happier conditions for ourselves and others around us.

The course also gives practical training in meditation and we will learn the ‘mindfulness of Breathing’ and Metta Bhavana practices and explore difficulties in meditation and approaches to remedies .

Having looked at ethics and meditation in the final week the course visits the Buddhist view of reality and we discuss what are termed the three topsy turvy views or the Latshanas that we sort of subconsciously adhere to as a species even though with a little though we know are false.

People on the course have found it uplifting and meaningful so do consider signing up and coming along.

Course Plan Part1

Week 1 – From human to Buddha – The inside story of the Buddha and experiencing how it is to grow.

Week 2 – The Gap -Exploring the space between ‘sensations and feelings’, and ’emotions and actions’.

Week 3 – Developing ethics fit for happier humans

Week 4 – Buddhist ethical principles and precepts

Week 5 – Good conditions for practical meditation – Setting up a ‘meditation space’ and the effect of ethics, producing hindrances and positive factors in our practice.

Week 6The Three Lakshanas – Topsy-turvy views of wishful thinking of wanting things to be as we wish and not as they are. Desiring -and trying to make – things to be permanent, substantial and satisfactory.

A part 1 course started on the 28th of October and is running on Zoom for six weeks.

A part 2 course is planned to start near the end of January 2022 on zoom